building types

  • commercial
  • custom residential
  • multi-family
  • retail
  • dining
  • health care
  • civic
  • educational
  • entertainment
  • hospitality

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida

Health Center Interior Design

Health Center Interior, Friendship Village, Tempe, Arizona

sandra’s values

VALUING client relationships above all.
CREATING sustainable, timelessly beautiful spaces–inside & outside.
PROVIDING a design process which is an enjoyable, collaborative effort.


Comprehensive Integration of the Built Environment:
Architecture, Interior design, Landscape, Energy and Environmental systems.

    • SUSTAINABILITY, beyond ‘Green’ rating systems
    • CONTEXTUAL: ‘Style’ is individually determined by Client, Use, and Site–with function, beauty and sustainability as ultimate goals.
    • Small-Space design and urban-Work/Live solutions